Cilindrų bloko galvutė SCANIA GŁOWICA HPI vilkiko SCANIA SERIE R

88 €
≈ 103,30 USD
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Tipas cilindrų bloko galvutė
Dalies numeris SC1
Pagaminimo metai 2007
Vieta Lenkija Chełm
Patalpinimo data liep. 30, 2020
Autoline ID GU4595
Variklio gamintojas Scania
Variklio modelis DT 12 DC12
Cilindrų skaičius 6
Variklio tipas vienaeilis
Markė Scania DT 12 DC12
Būklė naudotos
Yra sandėlyje 6
Papildoma informacija: Lenkų

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Scan-Spec Sp z o.o. offers on a stable basis used spare parts for Scania trucks (model R,P 2004-2014 year of production).

We offer wide range of engines, gearboxes, cabines, transmission details and endless number of other spares.
We have everything for Scania trucks!!!

Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us anytime.

In order to prevent any mistakes, please indicate spare part code in the request or send us photo of the required part.
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