Separatorius KIVERCO KDS 1500

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Modelis KDS 1500
Tipas separatorius
Pagaminimo metai 2015
Vieta Jungtinė Karalystė Tyrone
Patalpinimo data Rgp 22, 2019
Autoline ID JN17911
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Air Density Wind Seperator
Low hours
Features & Benefits
Electrical Control Panel
5.5kW 1500mm wide x 3.3m EP300 3PLY 3+1.5 accelerator belt c/w impact plates
and disc return rollers. Belt speed 1.4m/s
Full vertical and horizontal accelerator conveyor adjustment to give a range of
precision settings across various applications
2 x 11kW fan blowers with variable speed to deliver maximum separation
performance across the full width of the belt
Each fan can be independently controlled and adjusted in terms of speed and
blower nozzle angle. This is ideal if splitting the accelerator belt into 2 fractions
Twin recirculation air fan system operates in a closed loop format to create
negative pressure
aid separation and minimise dust
Fixed speed 2.2kW 1500mm wide separator drum to further aid the separation
0.75kW Bi-Directional ‘heavies’ collection conveyor (650mm wide x 1.7m) (Plain
Belt – EP300 3PLY 3+1.5) Belt speed 0.5m/s
The heavy material can be conveyed to either side of the machine allowing for
maximum flexibility in restricted locations
2.2kW ‘Heavies’ Stockpile Conveyor (1000mm wide x 5m) (15mm Chevron Belt –
EP300 3PLY 3+1.5) Belt speed 0.6m/s
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